February 2020

Sleep brain
What is Stress? We know it affects us all and can sometimes recognize symptoms of Stress when we are busy at work, managing finances or when coping with challenges in a relationship.  Stress is everywhere and it’s a little or a lot and sometimes beneficial, but Stress can accumulate and wear you down.  It can make you feel mentally and physically sick and have a huge impact on your lifespan.
 It can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of Stress.  For one thing, most of us are so used to being stressed we don’t see it until we hit the breaking point.  Stress is what we call Flight or Fight and is a natural defense. So, if Stress is the body’s reaction to harmful situations – mental, physical or environmental, then increased heart rate, sweat, faster breathing, tightening of muscles and rising blood pressure are the body’s attempts to protect itself.  These are chemical reactions that flush the body with hormones (think Cortisol) that allow the body to act/react in a way that prevents injury.  If the body has not effectively cleared its responses to Stress, a build-up occurs and triggers to react occur more frequently.  Even simple environmental factors can trigger strong reactions in a stressed system.  Examples include noises, aggressive behavior, a speeding car, scary moments in a movie or meeting new people. The stress response is unique to each individual.  No one reacts to all the same kinds of stressors and for many, Anxiety and Depression accompany their chronic Stress.

The Body Talk System offers a unique, non-invasive, and supportive approach to searching for and repairing these system disorders by helping to reveal the contributive factors and associations that may be causing the nervous system to spin out of control.  Body Talk recognizes the interrelatedness of the mind and body and understands the powerful effect that emotions, beliefs, memories, expectations, events, and environment can have on the way that each and every one of your 30 trillion cells function.
Body Talk is especially powerful in Stress Management.  Stress distorts the nervous system when it activates the Fight or Flight mechanism.  Persistent Stress or Stress build-up will often result in the disruption of communication between different parts of the body, suppression of the immune system and reduced function of major systems in the body. A balance session uses the latest advances from clinical studies and energy medicine to reset the nervous system, re-establishing lines of healthy communication within the body.  Neuromuscular biofeedback techniques in Body Talk like Cellular Repair, Body Chemistry, and Active Memory can each aid in balancing chemical intolerance, hormones, and toxicity in an overreactive system.
I can go on with this topic forever.  The bottom line is to attend to your Stress and schedule some time for Body Talk today.

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