March 2020


Aging. It started with an interest in face creams, serums and yoga moves to firm the neck.  I was in my thirties.  Many years later, aging took on a different meaning as we assumed caring for our elderly parents. For the parent suffering dementia, we remembered not to serve orange juice in the morning and busied ourselves with passing out pills and doing household chores.  However attentive and aware we were, I know we missed lots in the process while keeping busy blending their lives into our busy lives.    In retrospect, I wish I had taken Mom to the chiropractor she loved rather than for that last mammogram.  Hindsight!  And, thank goodness for these years to reflect on aging.  I occasionally tell my kids to schedule me at the chiropractor when the time comes that I need reminding.

A family member who needs support now is the aging dog.  We reveled in how healthy he was for over fourteen years (that’s 98 in people years).  Recently though, it is undeniable that he’s aging fast.  He still isn’t gray in the face (and no face creams!), but his labor at getting up, the loss of muscle tone in his body,  and the increasing dip in the hips on our neighborhood walk herald an awareness that time is on the march.  Much like my parents, he doesn’t speak of his aches and pains or of aging.

This time, however, I am aware that I have skills to share with my dog that will make these next months good, healthy times together.  Energy therapy is a wonderful way to spend time together.  Building Body Talk formulas and sharing Reiki with him calm us both down and really makes a difference in how he is sleeping and moving.  Over the past ten years, I have used a version of Body Talk for Animals with dogs, cats, fish, and horses.  We have improved communication within the animal to clear up allergies, improve disposition,  move from a working animal to a retired one, even manage the fear of fireworks.
Body Talk founder, John Veltheim, has developed a system using muscle testing (kinesiology) to ask the client’s body specific questions about what parts need treatment first.  This approach is what sets Body Talk apart from other healing systems and makes every Body Talk session unique.
Once the initial organ or body part has been identified, the practitioner asks a series of yes or no questions to discover what that part needs, such as a link to a specific gland or organ.  As soon as the link is identified, the practitioner uses gentle hand contact and tapping to correct imbalances and speed healing.
When time is running out, our pet will have support in balancing his physical and emotional bodies so that he can remain relaxed and comfortable.  He sure deserves this.  He is a good dog.
March on in this month for a balance session.  Or bring your pet.  I look forward to seeing you.

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