April 2020


Have you noticed that time doesn’t mean what it used to anymore?

Without the anchors to a set time each day—the alarm, the rush hour, the appointment, the meal—we are wafting in the wind a bit.  Due to COVIDIC time, I am not even sending this email out at the usual first of the month time either!

And for all of us, this is a time of extreme action—essential workers include the healthcare professionals, food providers, scientists, and state and local government workers.  Whether one of these is your career or not, you are handling all of these positions in your household as well.

For example, you must have the necessary healthcare supplies on hand, plan and stock the food pantry, sort the data on what the science is telling you, and supplement accordingly.  Even learning and responding to the emerging directives and laws, filing for unemployment, managing student loans or mortgages, puts you in a self-government form of work.

We may appear to be called for inaction, but the feeling inside doesn’t quite match up. Part of the reason we may be feeling overwhelmed is digital everything – tv, internet, videos, social media et al.   And I think there is another less visible reason as well.

Unacknowldeged labor.  We’ve seen the signs of appreciation for healthcare workers during change of shift.  But, at home, we blend unstructured time into essential duties and no one really sees and rewards that effort.  While the effort doesn’t compare with the magnitude felt in the ICU, it definitely piles stressors upon us.

No idea or behavior shift ever spread so quickly or broadly.  And we don’t know what to expect about being part of a physical community in the near and far term.  How we view connection is changing and since we are vibrational, electrical beings, we need to support our health as we adapt to things like more EMFs and fewer hugs.

I encourage you to do your Cortices a few times per week.  If you have movement and mindfulness practices — do them.  And, if you need some help balancing your stressors and your energy, let me know.

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