May 2020


For a few moments, close your eyes and feel some inner force, inner current, operating within you.  You do not need to know it.  Just feel it.  It is operating in every part of the body, from the head to the feet, from the skin to the bones.  This inner current is operating in your cells, tissues and systems in the body – every atom and molecule.  Do you feel that inner, guiding force?  All manifestations are vibrating from it.  Breathing, circulation, pulsations are all the operations of this – it is automatic and spontaneous.

Last week, my teacher, Joan Suval passed on to eternal life.  For many years I was lucky enough to get one simple lesson repeatedly from Joan and her teacher, Shri Brahmananda.  The lesson is to just witness everything.   Sounds simple and is simple (except).
So, for May, we are focused on not thinking and not the breath.  Instead we look at the notion of not breathing but allowing the body to breathe freely.  We hold our breath a lot and think we should do deeper and more aware breathing.  Instead we might hold our breath so the body can breathe freely, without your interference. You just witness everything, the outer operation and function of the body and the inner, guiding pulsation of this light. When you first try, you can feel the boundaries of the body.
I was a poor student.  I was a ball of action and wanted to read everything, attend everything, learn Sanskrit as the language of vibration and lots of other things.  Joan always directed me back to the witnessing state. The more I came into contact with this inner guiding light, the more I could feel that all the things occuring in my life are rooted in that light.   As Joan said, “You become like a mighty ocean, and your body becomes like a jar within the ocean.  The ocean is within the jar, and the ocean is everywhere.”

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