BLM June 2020


Most of the time I use this platform to talk about energy therapy and you.  Now it is a special time to do just that.  
Body Talk is a system that is all about the stories our body, mind, and spirit tell and have been told. 
And we are much more than an individual energy system.  We are part of a greater web of energy that includes all races, cultures, ages. At a time when first the planet said it couldn’t breathe, then the older, weaker ones and now, George Floyd, the whole of us becomes engaged in doing our part to heal the sorrow and the suffering that surrounds us.

Think about a time you had a racist thought. 

You may not have initially realized it was racist or maybe you knew and felt a little ashamed or afraid.  Antiracism begins at home.  Racism does too.  It begins with conversations around our dinner tables.  Our racist memories trigger an energetic response in the body – fear, shame, hatred, superiority, luck.  We get stuck.
And energy can shift in a moment with choice and focus.  By attending to your own energy around racism, you contribute to the universal web for its healing. 
Let’s stand with Black Lives Matter and all who fight against racial injustice.Let’s reflect on how we can do better and take action together.  Begin by tapping your Cortices while focusing on accepting all people or call me and we’ll do it together!

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