July 2020 Live Long

Childhood experiences have an enormous effect on health and longevity
Just as with physical factors like diet and toxicity, psychological stress is linked to accelerated cellular aging and the associated risk for aging-related diseases.   People with chronic stress, depression, anxiety or phobias, social isolation, or trauma have been shown to exhibit shorter telomeres. Telomeres get shorter each time a cell copies itself. Over time telomeres get too short to do their job which causes the cells to age and stop functioning well.  Therefore, telomeres act as the aging clock in every cell.
The ACES study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is a large-scale epidemiological study about the cumulative impact of childhood experiences on a person throughout the lifespan.  It measures one’s exposure to eight categories of childhood abuse or dysfunction ranging from physical or sexual abuse to neglect, divorce, domestic violence, and other forms of family dysfunction, and then correlates it with health, longevity, and overall function.
Your level of childhood stress absolutely influences how long you will live.  The ACES study finds that individuals who experienced moderate to high levels of childhood stress may see 20 years cut from their lives. They also have a higher risk of a range of health issues. One I see often is maladaptive relationships as adults rooted in even mild childhood trauma. The good news is, of course, that stress is controllable and manageable.  Energy therapy is especially good at helping clear and manage stress that can cause premature aging and poor health. I am also a fan of cold laser therapy, Reiki, and infrared sauna use.  All of these therapies support the body’s ability to get good quality sleep.  If you are or know someone who complains of poor sleep, Body Talk can uncover the Active Memories from childhood that are preventing the body from entering the uninterrupted rest and repair stages of REM and deep sleep.
I have developed a Sleep Series of 3 balance sessions to restore best quality sleep (and add years to your life).  We can do these sessions in-office or through distance healing.  Let’s get the second half of 2020 underway!  It’s going to get a lot better.

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