August 2020 – aging faster this year?

One of the values of this pandemic is that it is showing us the huge importance of optimizing our health, and the potential severe consequences of not doing that.  What should we do?  We should sharpen our immune systems.  The immune system deteriorates with age, not something we can avoid, unlike other immune system/lifestyle diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. But we can manage aging and here are three places to start today.
1.  Resistance Training Exercise  — to help with capillary shrinkage that accompanies aging.  We need to be able to deliver the oxygen to the mitochondria of our cells.  Strength training improves muscular mass which improves microcirculation and reduces insulin resistance in your cells.
2.  Increase NAD+ — through good sleep,  occasional fasting or time restricted eating, avoid excess EMF’s, eat right (crimini mushrooms!) and exercise.  We lose 90% of NAD+ in our 60’s as it just gets used up.  Another outcome from living longer.
3.  Balance stress —  what stress does – aside from brain changes, bone changes, and chemical changes – is that people tend to take care of themselves less.  We may eat poorly, exercise less, drink more and rely on medication more.  All of these are going to eventually show up in the body.
In a Body Talk session we help the body to achieve and maintain coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the body.  When you do the above, you are helping manage the give and take of electrons in the body (oxygen) to support metabolic health.  When you receive regular balancing, your system is able to sustain a stable and consistent vibration that is simply not a match for disease. Listen to your body so that you can take care of your body for a nice long while.
Sign up now for a balance session or join the weekly subscription plan.  I am in the office and would be happy to see you in your mask.  The weekly plan is delivered remotely and has been growing a lot.  Call me or send a note and we will get you set up too!
If you know someone who would benefit from this information, please feel free to share.

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