September 2020 define that

Every industry has its own set of terms or language. This month I am listing some of my usual terms to help you understand your  balance session.  These are the high level terms and one day I will list a few more of the ones that we see most often. 
Formula – similar to a math formula used to solve an equation, BodyTalk uses all the factors that make up the human body and combines them in the order shown by innate wisdom necessary to balance the bodymind and generate healing. The formula is built using applied kinesiology during the session.
Innate Wisdom – is the intelligence that drives the bodymind towards balance or homeostasis.  It is that which animates you.  It has a clear record of all your genetic information, all your experiences, all your emotions, all your physical, mental and spiritual ailments – since the moment of your conception. 

It would be unlikely or impossible for you to remember or to know all of these details so your innate wisdom knows everything that makes you You; and it knows what areas of the bodymind must be addressed to achieve balance for healing.
Reestablishing Communication – allows your body to heal your health concerns and when communication is impaired or halted, the biology, chemistry and physics of the body must wait for the signal to return or compensate in order to keep things running.  Identifying the damaged or sluggish circuit and tapping it out with the breath serves to restart or restore communication within the bodymind.  Communication issues can build up over time- aging – old injuries-scars.  They can be epigenetic and carried into this life from our parents/ancestors.  Emotions can interfere with good communication – anger, sadness or shock.  Much as we attempt to disassociate from the communication breakdown – meds, supplements, ignoring- the “pothole” in the communication roadway waits or grows until we reestablish good communication.  It’s everything!
Active Memory – allows us to disconnect the link between the brain and any emotional charge stored within our memory.  This includes Belief Systems such as thoughts about love, sexuality, body image, money, and Events pertaining to our lives such as past relationships, childbirth and childhood, fears, traumatic events.  Like an old record album that has a scratch, the brain continues to replay the stored response to one of these memories long after they happened using energy to maintain the memory that could be better spent maintaining the health of the bodymind.
That’s enough for now.  If there is a term you want explained – Matrix, Cell Repair, please drop me an email.  I still have plenty of spots open to join the monthly subscription – you receive a personalized balance session each week with notes at a bargain rate (hey COVID).  Here’s what one person has to say about these weekly dust offs: “Please keep up your positive work on me.I feel as though I am changing light years ahead into my true self. “

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