October 2020

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In the United States, 1 in 5 people say they have anxiety.  Anxiety is the country’s largest mental health issue by a margin.  What is it? Your body becomes anxious as a natural response to stress.  From the simple occasional giving a speech type to debilitating can’t stop worrying about finances, there is a feeling of fear or apprehension about what is to come.  What causes it?  A speech is a big event and financial worry is a buildup of smaller stressful life situations that can trigger excessive anxiety.  It is clear week after week that 2020 is both a triggering event(s) and a buildup of stressful circumstances.
For most of us, stress and anxiety were a part of our lives well before COVID.  Our ability to recognize and contain stress has become like a runaway train as the volume of things we have to contend with grows and flails all around us.  In balance sessions we often find stress relief in clearing Active Memory.  Memory can be stored actively or passively in the bodymind.  When the memory is passive, we remember and store experiences and recall them occasionally.  
Active Memory is a state where we store the memory with an emotional charge.  We haven’t fully synthesized the emotional content of the experience.  Our body then stores the emotion in the fascia or connective tissue at a location in concordance with the bioenergetic nature of the body.  A common example is fear which relates to the kidney meridian which in turn relates frequently to the psoas muscle – our fight or flight center in the groin. 
Interestingly, anxiety is not just a human experience, and evolution is ultimately to thank or blame.  As with other animals, human survival relies on our natural ability to feel anxious about genuinely dangerous situations and to be on guard.  Active Memory technique as part of a balance session relieves this life saving mechanism from being triggered at inappropriate times or from getting stuck in the “on” position all the time.
Contact me today to get a remote session this month.  Build yourself a cushion to help you manage the next trigger – a fresh one or one that is many years old. 

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