November – How to Tap

Happy Holiday season, although we may still think this is the Spring of 2020 since the year has certainly been a blur.  In this month of Gratitude, I am sharing a video for you to watch and learn about the Cortices Technique.  Whether you are new to Body Talk or are an occasional Cortices tapper, this 3 minute video reminds you that your best health is in self care.   Now you have three ways to enjoy Balanced Hours energy therapy:  in the office, online and all by yourself!  
I am grateful for the wealth of support that we all give to each other.  Clink the link and get tapping.  Then pass it along to someone you love.

Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software – Watch Videochrome-extension://liecbddmkiiihnedobmlmillhodjkdmb/html/embed-view.html?session_id=6efeb4c0dd7f40e3840eb93dd20d957f&hide_owner=undefined&hide_speed=undefined&hide_share=undefined&hide_title=undefined&

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