December 2020 Trippin’

Road trip tips

A trip is an outing or excursion or a journey.

It can also be a stumble or a misstep.  

Funny enough, I have noticed during this year of few outings and excursions, that there has also been a sharp decline in my stumbles and missteps.  Take a literal example: this year has afforded me many more days of walking than previous years and not a single stumble.  This is compared to previous years where I often tripped walking the dog after a day at work, hurrying to a gate at the airport with my roller bag, and so on. Once I even broke my wrist hustling up the hill to the train station.  The difference is in the pacing.  There is nowhere to rush off to in 2020.    

And, as for missteps, when most communication is conducted via email and text rather than in person conversations, I can see and improve communication to make it more understandable and clear.  It is possible to think and review prior to hitting send.  That makes it much easier to catch a misstep before it happens on my end. As we are all getting better at phone conversations and zooms it may enhance overall digital successes.

Balancing our bodymind to the significant changes in our General Environment  is a great strength of Body Talk.  It balances the bodymind to any environmental factors that may be affecting it.  One may be balanced to a person, place, object, action, event, animal, work, money, emotion, etc. When our General Environment changes as significantly as it has this year, our systems reorder themselves and a Body Talk treatment can help to make the transition less stressful and more successful.  Whether the changes you experience are an uptick in EMF exposure due to more time online or being around your family and pets as you work from home, or worrying about elderly parents or about getting older, we can balance you to the Environment to boost the immune system and maintain your health.  

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