February 2021 Energy Heals

I believe that the return of energy medicine is one of the most significant cultural developments of our time.  This is because the return of energy medicine is a return to personal authority for healthcare, a return to ancestry, and to forces of nature which are familiar to us.  Energy medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological, and spiritual health and vitality.

And yet, the term energy medicine is itself a double entendre.  

In energy medicine, energy is the medicine.  It is an agent used to heal or prevent disease.  Your body’s energies know how to mobilize in response to all kinds of threats and illnesses.  Energy gives life to the body.  The lifeless cadaver has all its parts – it only lacks energy.

At the same time, troubled energies are the patient in energy medicine.  Our energy systems attempt to adapt to a world of stresses, pollution and information overload unknown to the generations before us.  The systems can become overwhelmed and confounded, can settle for imperfect compromises and eventually require significant repatterning if we are to restore health and thrive. 

So, energy heals and energy systems are healed.  This month of February where Black Lives Matter and we focus on the Heart, I invite you to take care of your personal health with a healing BodyTalk balance session.   In the office or by distance, energy heals.

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