July 2021 Infrastructure

What are you doing about the stress that builds up in your life?  If it manifests as a headache, poor digestion or unrestful sleep, you probably reach for a remedy.  If it manifests as a sore muscle, tight jaw or misaligned spine, you head to the sports clinic or chiropractor.  But your fate is a clear example of what happens when stress goes untended and unreleased, when these warning signs go unheeded and we are shortsighted about the physical underpinnings of our daily lives.  
These underpinnings are our infrastructure. They include aging organs and muscles, emotions that have gnawed at us for decades, our sense of safety and community both local and global.  This infrastructure is vulnerable to accumulated stress and will eventually fail.  When we work with energy to continually reinforce our sense of wellbeing and our body’s ability to offload stress, we are supporting the very basis of our construction as physical beings.  Energy is frequency and vibration that informs and shapes structure.  The better it flows, the sturdier we remain. 
So, meditation, rest, breathing and nature are what we want to reach for to maintain our infrastructure and when we realize that we have a sagging bridge or a road full of potholes that pose a bigger risk to our infrastructure, we get some energy therapy to make the repairs. 
Beginning this month I am making the weekly mini-balance by email sessions available to a wider audience.  With a channeled topic that speaks directly to you, receive a personal session and detailed notes via email each week.   Recent topics have included: improving intuition, addressing tinnitus, color therapy and family dynamics.  These sessions have two powerful attributes in that they are timely for you and, when you string them together your stressors don’t build up so your body can maintain health.  Watch for the next topic and consider signing up.  I have been really impressed by the results we’ve seen this past year with weekly sessions.

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