June 2021 Ringing in the Ears

As most of you know, the energy therapy we do in the office is nondiagnostic and works directly with the communication systems of the body and its priorities for health.  We do, however, listen to the symptoms the body is presenting to get your attention and guide you in the direction of health.
This month the topic is tinnitus as many people suffer either occasionally or frequently with a ringing in the ears.  If you are one of the 20-25% of the population who experiences tinnitus, you know it can be frustrating to just grin and bear it.  Sometimes it is the result of a loud noise or age related hearing loss.  Equally common is that tinnitus is part of a circulatory problem.  Body Talk is helpful in all three of these cases and I have seen especially strong improvement when we balance the Lymph System with the Central Nervous System.   This balance can improve sleep quality which is the gold standard of healing the body, and, in turn, alleviate the tinnitus.
You can start today to relieve ringing in the ears, even before we do a balance session.  First, acknowledge all the times you don’t have the ringing – it comes and goes and usually doesn’t get worse over time.  Then, massage your scalp with the palms of both hands to the sides of the head above and behind the ears.  Do this every day for about 5 days.   You can also use earbuds or white noise in your environment.  In a full balance session, we can address the places where communication has clogged up and broken down.  The energy can flow well again with an improved emotional and physical outcome.

Spirit always moves within us. Therefore, we are always new.

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