January 2022 Allostasis

Why do we tap the Cortices of the Brain as the primary tool in a Body Talk session? We do it to help manage the Brain Energy Budget. Yes, your Brain thinks, feels, imagines and creates. These are not its central mission however.

The scientific term for Brain Energy Budgeting is Allostasis, according to Lisa Feldman Barrett in her wonderful essay, 7 1/2 Lessons About the Brain. Allostasis means automatically predicting and preparing to meet the body’s needs before they arise. The Brain learns from experience, so this prediction is not conducted by thinking about it. Rather the body is informing the Brain through measuring and reporting its energy reserves of glucose, salts and other bodily resources that we use every day.

This is all a bit like financial budgeting and investing for a good return. Barrett says: ” Your brain continually invests your energy in the hopes of earning a good return, such as food, shelter, affection, or physical protection, so you can perform nature’s most vital task: passing your genes to the next generation.” In Body Talk we tap the Cortices of the Brain to support healthy communications within the Brain via the communication network of the neurons. This provides support and improvement of the Brain’s ability to direct the Body in using its Energy Budget.

So consider the power of purposefully balancing your Brain’s Energy Budget with Body Talk therapy. Along with good nutrition, sleep and exercise, it is the best way I know to consider the things that get out of sync with our current environment, like belief systems, habits, emotions, fear and anxiety. Good internal communication leads to balance and that is everything in maintaining our health!

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