February 2022

Metaphysical terms abound and their meaning can be hard to comprehend if you haven’t spent time studying them or have merely read articles and media where they are interpreted uniquely by the presenter. So, this month’s message is intended to be a super simple reconnection of the meaning of Energy Therapy to how my work supports you on your personal path.

Balanced Hours Clinic offers a non-invasive energetic diagnostic and treatment modality that works with the points in the personal human energy field that connect us to an energetic template that contains the information necessary to give rise to life and to sustain health. The therapy is suitable for everybody and blends well with other methods you choose to support your health.

I usually incorporate some Body Talk, Healing Touch, Reiki, and SourcePoint into my balance sessions to formulate a course of action that respects what the body is presently sharing about its own healing. I have thousands of hours of clinical practice that forms my intuitive approach to restoring and maintaining your best health in body, mind and spirit. Set up your appointment in the office or via the monthly remote subscription — whichever suits your schedule. I look forward to seeing you soon.

From my heart to your heart
With love and balance.

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