March 2022

We all have them and rarely consider the need to heal them. Your first scar made your belly button – the umbilicus. Scar formation is an intrinsic healing response to injury and cuts. Any scar whether we can see it or not represents an interruption in the electrical communication in our bodies. Some scars are associated with your emotional history such as an episiotomy, accident or surgery. Whether the scar originates from a tear, a suture, acne, stretch marks or a vaccination it is important to know that all the scars in our body are resonating together in our sheet of skin and on tissue inside the body (tonsils, D&C’s, root canals).

Scars have a profound effect on the flow of acupuncture meridians. Imagine a garden hose. The water runs straight through a hose, but if you put a kink in the hose, the water will slow to a trickle from this point on. The same thing can happen with meridians (energy pathways) in the body near and around scars. When flow through a meridian is interrupted by a scar, nerve supply and circulation above or below the scar, and to all areas governed by that meridian, will become weaker.

Nerve and tissue irritation disturbs the function of the autonomic nervous system. Body Talk can effectively help remove the embedded habitual memories stored by the nervous system in the brain’s cortex. I treat all of the scars in the body during a balance session, often focusing on the most prominent scar presenting. This may be a scar that is itchy or irritated or it might be the one associated with a strong memory. When we treat one and all scars, all of the disturbances created by cuts and injuries are improved and communication flow is restored.

Balance sessions are available in person and at a distance. Sign up for weekly mini-balances and receive personal session notes in your inbox four times a month. I look forward to seeing you somewhere soon.

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