April 2022

Regular is such a great word for us human beings. It generally means that something occurs in a pattern with the same spaced intervals. We expect it to happen daily, monthly or annually.

When something regular changes temporarily it can be unsettling. This is because of the expectation we have associated with it. Unlike a habit which is a behavior we do on impulse and unconsciously (biting our nails, washing our hands after using the toilet), a regular routine has choice in the equation. When someone frequents the same restaurant and orders the same meal at each visit, they become a regular there. There is continuity and an established routine. There is a steadiness to being a regular kind of person. It feels good, perhaps safe.

Of course, there are lots of reasons we deviate from our regular routines. Stress is a constant companion when we experience changes to our regular schedule. Short term changes like sending a kid off to camp or receiving a medical diagnosis can certainly alter our regular patterns. On the larger scale, when we feel the absence of someone who has always been there, or leave a job we held for many years, establishing a new regular requires lots of energy.

I want to remind you that regular sessions can sometimes be the difference between lasting and temporary results in maintaining our energy flow. We know that stress and finding oneself in the same challenging environment can make it difficult for the body to shift more permanently for lasting health. It is also true that finding oneself in a different environment can impact the ability of the body to manage its gorgeous innate communication and healing. I guess that is why we call the session a balance!

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