July 2022 Tight jaw, stomach, shoulders, and glutes

Who hasn’t experienced stress in one or all of these parts? When our physical, emotional and spiritual lives are barraged by inequality or imbalance, the body will always respond and notify us. Something needs to be done. But, what? The path is not usually easy to identify the root cause. This is because Stress is usually a bundle of reasons that add up and are addressed by our noble innate healer. The coping or nonstop righting of the healing process can become overwhelmed after a while.

One example of Stress in the overwhelmed state is evident in our country today as we celebrate the birth of our Nation this month. Our modern era is often described in dualistic terms: male vs. female, science vs. spirituality, and so on. Patriarchy is a philosophy that is defined by dualism and extreme power of one group over another. When I was in elementary school, I loved studying about Athens and Sparta. These nation states represented dualism and they represented very clear positions on things like government, the arts and the physical vs. the intellectual.

And the history is clear that Sparta did things differently than the rest of the known world at that time. Women in Sparta enjoyed many more freedoms and power than their counterparts throughout ancient Greece. They had formal education, athletic training and competition, they owned and managed property. They were even unencumbered by domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning.

Why the Patriarchy became our modern day philosophy of note is less important to me than the evidence that its time has passed. As science continues to close the gap with spirituality (pewresearch.org) and gender expression explodes like a many colored rainbow, the Authoritarian culmination of Patriarchy inches towards its extinction.

Until then, every human being will be exposed to the effects of a term coined by Dr. Valerie Rein in 2019, Patriarchy Stress Disorder. “PSD refers to the emotional, mental and physical impact of gender inequality, especially as it builds up over time. It can be generational and anyone can suffer from it.” The impact extends of course to race, age and economics. Energy Therapy is an especially powerful tool to help us balance this Stress wherever it appears in our body. We can relieve the unseen buildup of chronic exposure to the unfairness of this dualism from the global to the very personal experience. Once you are in balance yourself, you are free to participate in the emergence of a new philosophy of health that encompasses a new web of values: creativity, joy, courage, the cosmos, the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. Drop your shoulders and relax your jaw. Book an hour of self care this month as the chaos continues to swirl all around.

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