July 2022 Tight jaw, stomach, shoulders, and glutes

Who hasn’t experienced stress in one or all of these parts? When our physical, emotional and spiritual lives are barraged by inequality or imbalance, the body will always respond and notify us. Something needs to be done. But, what? The path is not usually easy to identify the root cause. This is because Stress is usually a bundle of reasons that add up and are addressed by our noble innate healer. The coping or nonstop righting of the healing process can become overwhelmed after a while.

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June 2022 Allergies

When allergy season arrives, many people focus on avoiding pollen from trees and grasses. In San Diego, we are also blessed with allergy season almost all year long. The first quarter of the year is our tree pollen season. Weed allergy season begins in August. Grass pollen season is year round. And by the coast and the canyons, there can be mold spores. In Texas, December through February is prime allergy season due to the cedar trees. And allergy seasons are lasting a little longer each year perhaps due to climate change.

What I see frequently during our balance sessions on allergy is that many people are also reacting to specific foods at the same time. For example, a birch pollen allergy makes a person also react to tree nuts, carrots or apples. During ragweed season, food sensitivities to banana, melon and cucumber shows up. The medical term for this is cross reactivity. Cross reactivity occurs when IgE antibodies in the body are able to recognize similar allergens from different species that share the same attraction to the part of the molecule that causes the immune reaction.

We cherish our immune reactions in energy therapy. They represent the early warning system for the body attempting to heal itself. A well timed balance session can tamp down the allergies by supporting our sensitivities and intolerances to these seasonal antagonists.

MAY 2020 Flame on!

It’s Bing Cherry season beginning this month. For decades people prone to gout have sworn by tart cherries and tart cherry juice to stave off an attack. While Montmorency and Balaton Cherries are technically the tartest, Bing Cherries have a lot to recommend in helping not only reduce gout attacks, but lower inflammation overall, according to the new book Drop Acid , by Dr. David Perlmutter.

Uric Acid, that is. It turns out that Uric Acid is key to losing weight, controlling blood sugar and supporting health in the heart, insulin resistance and fatty liver disease ( and many others since it is all inflammation, right?). And it is likely that your usual labs include testing for high Uric Acid. It rarely gets highlighted by physicians and as with any test, your number may fall within range and still not be ideal.

In a balance session, we are often guided to the Organs to support clearing inflammation. Once we locate a congested or blocked area, we do an action, known as unruffling, repeating until the sense of blockage is relieved. There is also a visualization of helping the blood and nerves to transmit the correction of imbalance to the rest of the body and an awareness that the Lymph system is activated to carry toxins away and out of the body. The Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys and Bladder are very common sites of inflammation when there is an imbalance of Uric Acid.

Keep eating the seasonal cherries and broccoli sprouts*. Take time to relax. Drink those 8 glasses of water. And consider adding a therapeutic touch energy session** to your seasonal self care.

* avoid tart cherry juice as it probably contains fructose/added sugar, and sprouts are more effective than the broccoli itself
**energy work promotes health by restoring communication between cells and is, in part, based on quantum physics where it is acknowledged that blood, which contains iron, circulates in our bodies and produces an electromagnetic field which we can become aware of in looking for blockage
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April 2022

Regular is such a great word for us human beings. It generally means that something occurs in a pattern with the same spaced intervals. We expect it to happen daily, monthly or annually.

When something regular changes temporarily it can be unsettling. This is because of the expectation we have associated with it. Unlike a habit which is a behavior we do on impulse and unconsciously (biting our nails, washing our hands after using the toilet), a regular routine has choice in the equation. When someone frequents the same restaurant and orders the same meal at each visit, they become a regular there. There is continuity and an established routine. There is a steadiness to being a regular kind of person. It feels good, perhaps safe.

Of course, there are lots of reasons we deviate from our regular routines. Stress is a constant companion when we experience changes to our regular schedule. Short term changes like sending a kid off to camp or receiving a medical diagnosis can certainly alter our regular patterns. On the larger scale, when we feel the absence of someone who has always been there, or leave a job we held for many years, establishing a new regular requires lots of energy.

I want to remind you that regular sessions can sometimes be the difference between lasting and temporary results in maintaining our energy flow. We know that stress and finding oneself in the same challenging environment can make it difficult for the body to shift more permanently for lasting health. It is also true that finding oneself in a different environment can impact the ability of the body to manage its gorgeous innate communication and healing. I guess that is why we call the session a balance!

March 2022

We all have them and rarely consider the need to heal them. Your first scar made your belly button – the umbilicus. Scar formation is an intrinsic healing response to injury and cuts. Any scar whether we can see it or not represents an interruption in the electrical communication in our bodies. Some scars are associated with your emotional history such as an episiotomy, accident or surgery. Whether the scar originates from a tear, a suture, acne, stretch marks or a vaccination it is important to know that all the scars in our body are resonating together in our sheet of skin and on tissue inside the body (tonsils, D&C’s, root canals).

Scars have a profound effect on the flow of acupuncture meridians. Imagine a garden hose. The water runs straight through a hose, but if you put a kink in the hose, the water will slow to a trickle from this point on. The same thing can happen with meridians (energy pathways) in the body near and around scars. When flow through a meridian is interrupted by a scar, nerve supply and circulation above or below the scar, and to all areas governed by that meridian, will become weaker.

Nerve and tissue irritation disturbs the function of the autonomic nervous system. Body Talk can effectively help remove the embedded habitual memories stored by the nervous system in the brain’s cortex. I treat all of the scars in the body during a balance session, often focusing on the most prominent scar presenting. This may be a scar that is itchy or irritated or it might be the one associated with a strong memory. When we treat one and all scars, all of the disturbances created by cuts and injuries are improved and communication flow is restored.

Balance sessions are available in person and at a distance. Sign up for weekly mini-balances and receive personal session notes in your inbox four times a month. I look forward to seeing you somewhere soon.

February 2022

Metaphysical terms abound and their meaning can be hard to comprehend if you haven’t spent time studying them or have merely read articles and media where they are interpreted uniquely by the presenter. So, this month’s message is intended to be a super simple reconnection of the meaning of Energy Therapy to how my work supports you on your personal path.

Balanced Hours Clinic offers a non-invasive energetic diagnostic and treatment modality that works with the points in the personal human energy field that connect us to an energetic template that contains the information necessary to give rise to life and to sustain health. The therapy is suitable for everybody and blends well with other methods you choose to support your health.

I usually incorporate some Body Talk, Healing Touch, Reiki, and SourcePoint into my balance sessions to formulate a course of action that respects what the body is presently sharing about its own healing. I have thousands of hours of clinical practice that forms my intuitive approach to restoring and maintaining your best health in body, mind and spirit. Set up your appointment in the office or via the monthly remote subscription — whichever suits your schedule. I look forward to seeing you soon.

From my heart to your heart
With love and balance.

January 2022 Allostasis

Why do we tap the Cortices of the Brain as the primary tool in a Body Talk session? We do it to help manage the Brain Energy Budget. Yes, your Brain thinks, feels, imagines and creates. These are not its central mission however.

The scientific term for Brain Energy Budgeting is Allostasis, according to Lisa Feldman Barrett in her wonderful essay, 7 1/2 Lessons About the Brain. Allostasis means automatically predicting and preparing to meet the body’s needs before they arise. The Brain learns from experience, so this prediction is not conducted by thinking about it. Rather the body is informing the Brain through measuring and reporting its energy reserves of glucose, salts and other bodily resources that we use every day.

This is all a bit like financial budgeting and investing for a good return. Barrett says: ” Your brain continually invests your energy in the hopes of earning a good return, such as food, shelter, affection, or physical protection, so you can perform nature’s most vital task: passing your genes to the next generation.” In Body Talk we tap the Cortices of the Brain to support healthy communications within the Brain via the communication network of the neurons. This provides support and improvement of the Brain’s ability to direct the Body in using its Energy Budget.

So consider the power of purposefully balancing your Brain’s Energy Budget with Body Talk therapy. Along with good nutrition, sleep and exercise, it is the best way I know to consider the things that get out of sync with our current environment, like belief systems, habits, emotions, fear and anxiety. Good internal communication leads to balance and that is everything in maintaining our health!

December 2021

Each week Balanced Hours subscribers receive an email with the topic that we will balance for each of them. We might look at a particular physical thing like brain fog or digestion or at an emotional level like fear or control issues. It never fails that the topic resonantes with everyone on a personal level. What is also very strong is the power of belonging to the group matrix each week. Although we don’t meet together on Zoom ūüôā the act of belonging to the group each week amplifies and strengthens the effect of the balance. Below is this month’s first email so you can see how it looks.

“December has us thinking about presents and maybe needing a reminder to be present. I have another take on the word present for this first week of the last month of the year.
Many of us spend a lot of thought and energy on “presenting” ourselves in a certain way. This is not necessarily something that we even do consciously, but in a sense, everything we do and say is something that we are presenting to the world. This can take the form of how we dress, what we say about our jobs, our social media highlight reel, etc. Think about what you “say” to those around you by how you present yourself. I meditated on this for a while this morning and had some sincere aha moments about how I present myself and it wasn’t all neutral like I thought it was. Let me know what you find or wait and see what we find together in this week’s balance.”

Ready to give yourself and a loved one a present? Sign up now for weekly remote balances in the New Year. You’ll get the balance and personal notes each week to reflect on. For regular sessions In Office is a waitlist for the rest of December. Distance sessions are still available beginning next week. Thank you for another great year of balance – it has been peaceful and powerful to work with every one of you.

November 2021 Sleep Hunger

Intermittent Fasting is big in the health news and it is very helpful for a lot of people.  For some people though, Fasting is not an efficient match for their body and mind.   Like any tool we pick up to use in our overall health plan, success comes from learning, trying and reflecting on how well the tool worked for the job at hand.  Hunger is both a construct of calorie to energy conversion and an indicator of emotional state.  

We eat to gain energy to power our bodies.¬† We eat for enjoyment and we eat from habit.¬† When we seek to change our hunger and eating patterns our systems sit up and pay attention to the shift.¬† They may rebel a little resulting in constipation, nausea or lightheadedness.¬† Preparing our energy system for the stress of the changes that fasting brings improves internal communication and provides support for the changes that the body’s chemistry are bringing about.¬†

Sleep Hunger is another form of managing energy in the body and mind.¬† ¬†Occasionally, we miss out on our sleep for wonderful reasons – departing for a vacation or tending to a new puppy.¬† Regular disruptions in our sleep quality and duration are all too common and result in a system that is not prepared to function well. The Brain lacks clarity, the Immune system is weakened and Digestion is interrupted.¬† ¬†This Sleep Hunger, like Food Hunger, is part of a cycle that includes converting nutrients and removing toxins in order to provide energy to both the physical body and to the mental emotional body.¬† ¬†Most of us operate at some level of “hangry” in sleep pretty regularly.

October 2021 – Over reaction & Health

The Maori, indigenous to New Zealand, say that pain, distress and dysfunction can arise from some form of fragmentation, disconnection, dyssynchrony.¬† There’s is a result of historical trauma, and so, many of their healing practices involve “reconnection” where they articulate origins of connections in their lives and history.¬† For many of us who experience one or more sensitizing patterns of stress in our lifetimes, there is something very healing in adopting the notion of reconnecting to a calmer time, a loving family member or a peaceful experience.¬†
When a challenge or stressor occurs, it will push us out of balance, and an internal stress response will be activated to help get us back in balance.  A neurotypical stress response will be for the person to enter an alert state which will reassure them that they can return to a normal internal state.   If there is evidence that there is no internal threat like hunger or cold and no external threat like the saber tooth tiger, the person becomes calm.
The very common case, however, is that we often find ourselves responding in an overactive way to anything that can cause unpredictable, uncontrollable, intense or prolonged feelings of stress.  How we get to overreactive states is very individual and can begin very early in life or arrive sometime later after a life altering event.
¬†Energy Therapy is one way in which we can shift out of overreaction and back into balance.¬† Humans are deeply relational creatures who, from the beginning of life, make “memories” of the smells, sounds and images of our “people.”¬† These early relational experiences are the most powerful and enduring.¬† Feeling connected is key to releasing stressors that accumulate via time and trauma.¬† ¬†Balancing our systems with our earliest autobiographical memory returns our system to calm and connectedness no matter what has happened in the intervening time.