June 2022 Allergies

When allergy season arrives, many people focus on avoiding pollen from trees and grasses. In San Diego, we are also blessed with allergy season almost all year long. The first quarter of the year is our tree pollen season. Weed allergy season begins in August. Grass pollen season is year round. And by the coast and the canyons, there can be mold spores. In Texas, December through February is prime allergy season due to the cedar trees. And allergy seasons are lasting a little longer each year perhaps due to climate change.

What I see frequently during our balance sessions on allergy is that many people are also reacting to specific foods at the same time. For example, a birch pollen allergy makes a person also react to tree nuts, carrots or apples. During ragweed season, food sensitivities to banana, melon and cucumber shows up. The medical term for this is cross reactivity. Cross reactivity occurs when IgE antibodies in the body are able to recognize similar allergens from different species that share the same attraction to the part of the molecule that causes the immune reaction.

We cherish our immune reactions in energy therapy. They represent the early warning system for the body attempting to heal itself. A well timed balance session can tamp down the allergies by supporting our sensitivities and intolerances to these seasonal antagonists.