OMG….my body lit up when I heard the phrase “Why is Stress so Hard on Me.”  I have been wondering over and over why I stress more than other people. I am fascinated. Thank you for all you do for us!!

Fascinating as usual!!! Thank you so much!!! I would not be as healthy and balanced as I am without your support!

Thanks for your work. He is healing beautifully from his oral surgery.

Thank you so much Mary Ellen. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. About everything!

Thanks for the great session.  My body feels great! Hip feels much better.

You were amazing to work with and I feel up to my high energy speed… thank you!!

This is awesome Mary Ellen.  Mom & her 2 brothers were exposed heavily to ddt when they were kids.  She said they sprayed for mosquitoes in their neighborhood all summer every summer.  She & one of her brothers had neuropathy.  Her other brother had MS.  All related to the exposure.  I can tell she is feeling better.