September 2020 define that

Every industry has its own set of terms or language. This month I am listing some of my usual terms to help you understand your  balance session.  These are the high level terms and one day I will list a few more of the ones that we see most often. 
Formula – similar to a math formula used to solve an equation, BodyTalk uses all the factors that make up the human body and combines them in the order shown by innate wisdom necessary to balance the bodymind and generate healing. The formula is built using applied kinesiology during the session.
Innate Wisdom – is the intelligence that drives the bodymind towards balance or homeostasis.  It is that which animates you.  It has a clear record of all your genetic information, all your experiences, all your emotions, all your physical, mental and spiritual ailments – since the moment of your conception. 

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August 2020 – aging faster this year?

One of the values of this pandemic is that it is showing us the huge importance of optimizing our health, and the potential severe consequences of not doing that.  What should we do?  We should sharpen our immune systems.  The immune system deteriorates with age, not something we can avoid, unlike other immune system/lifestyle diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. But we can manage aging and here are three places to start today.
1.  Resistance Training Exercise  — to help with capillary shrinkage that accompanies aging.  We need to be able to deliver the oxygen to the mitochondria of our cells.  Strength training improves muscular mass which improves microcirculation and reduces insulin resistance in your cells.
2.  Increase NAD+ — through good sleep,  occasional fasting or time restricted eating, avoid excess EMF’s, eat right (crimini mushrooms!) and exercise.  We lose 90% of NAD+ in our 60’s as it just gets used up.  Another outcome from living longer.
3.  Balance stress —  what stress does – aside from brain changes, bone changes, and chemical changes – is that people tend to take care of themselves less.  We may eat poorly, exercise less, drink more and rely on medication more.  All of these are going to eventually show up in the body.
In a Body Talk session we help the body to achieve and maintain coherent frequencies that resonate harmoniously with the electrical field of the body.  When you do the above, you are helping manage the give and take of electrons in the body (oxygen) to support metabolic health.  When you receive regular balancing, your system is able to sustain a stable and consistent vibration that is simply not a match for disease. Listen to your body so that you can take care of your body for a nice long while.
Sign up now for a balance session or join the weekly subscription plan.  I am in the office and would be happy to see you in your mask.  The weekly plan is delivered remotely and has been growing a lot.  Call me or send a note and we will get you set up too!
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July 2020 Live Long

Childhood experiences have an enormous effect on health and longevity
Just as with physical factors like diet and toxicity, psychological stress is linked to accelerated cellular aging and the associated risk for aging-related diseases.   People with chronic stress, depression, anxiety or phobias, social isolation, or trauma have been shown to exhibit shorter telomeres. Telomeres get shorter each time a cell copies itself. Over time telomeres get too short to do their job which causes the cells to age and stop functioning well.  Therefore, telomeres act as the aging clock in every cell.
The ACES study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is a large-scale epidemiological study about the cumulative impact of childhood experiences on a person throughout the lifespan.  It measures one’s exposure to eight categories of childhood abuse or dysfunction ranging from physical or sexual abuse to neglect, divorce, domestic violence, and other forms of family dysfunction, and then correlates it with health, longevity, and overall function.
Your level of childhood stress absolutely influences how long you will live.  The ACES study finds that individuals who experienced moderate to high levels of childhood stress may see 20 years cut from their lives. They also have a higher risk of a range of health issues. One I see often is maladaptive relationships as adults rooted in even mild childhood trauma. The good news is, of course, that stress is controllable and manageable.  Energy therapy is especially good at helping clear and manage stress that can cause premature aging and poor health. I am also a fan of cold laser therapy, Reiki, and infrared sauna use.  All of these therapies support the body’s ability to get good quality sleep.  If you are or know someone who complains of poor sleep, Body Talk can uncover the Active Memories from childhood that are preventing the body from entering the uninterrupted rest and repair stages of REM and deep sleep.
I have developed a Sleep Series of 3 balance sessions to restore best quality sleep (and add years to your life).  We can do these sessions in-office or through distance healing.  Let’s get the second half of 2020 underway!  It’s going to get a lot better.

BLM June 2020


Most of the time I use this platform to talk about energy therapy and you.  Now it is a special time to do just that.  
Body Talk is a system that is all about the stories our body, mind, and spirit tell and have been told. 
And we are much more than an individual energy system.  We are part of a greater web of energy that includes all races, cultures, ages. At a time when first the planet said it couldn’t breathe, then the older, weaker ones and now, George Floyd, the whole of us becomes engaged in doing our part to heal the sorrow and the suffering that surrounds us.

Think about a time you had a racist thought. 

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May 2020


For a few moments, close your eyes and feel some inner force, inner current, operating within you.  You do not need to know it.  Just feel it.  It is operating in every part of the body, from the head to the feet, from the skin to the bones.  This inner current is operating in your cells, tissues and systems in the body – every atom and molecule.  Do you feel that inner, guiding force?  All manifestations are vibrating from it.  Breathing, circulation, pulsations are all the operations of this – it is automatic and spontaneous.

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April 2020


Have you noticed that time doesn’t mean what it used to anymore?

Without the anchors to a set time each day—the alarm, the rush hour, the appointment, the meal—we are wafting in the wind a bit.  Due to COVIDIC time, I am not even sending this email out at the usual first of the month time either!

And for all of us, this is a time of extreme action—essential workers include the healthcare professionals, food providers, scientists, and state and local government workers.  Whether one of these is your career or not, you are handling all of these positions in your household as well.

For example, you must have the necessary healthcare supplies on hand, plan and stock the food pantry, sort the data on what the science is telling you, and supplement accordingly.  Even learning and responding to the emerging directives and laws, filing for unemployment, managing student loans or mortgages, puts you in a self-government form of work.

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March 2020


Aging. It started with an interest in face creams, serums and yoga moves to firm the neck.  I was in my thirties.  Many years later, aging took on a different meaning as we assumed caring for our elderly parents. For the parent suffering dementia, we remembered not to serve orange juice in the morning and busied ourselves with passing out pills and doing household chores.  However attentive and aware we were, I know we missed lots in the process while keeping busy blending their lives into our busy lives.    In retrospect, I wish I had taken Mom to the chiropractor she loved rather than for that last mammogram.  Hindsight!  And, thank goodness for these years to reflect on aging.  I occasionally tell my kids to schedule me at the chiropractor when the time comes that I need reminding.

A family member who needs support now is the aging dog.  We reveled in how healthy he was for over fourteen years (that’s 98 in people years).  Recently though, it is undeniable that he’s aging fast.  He still isn’t gray in the face (and no face creams!), but his labor at getting up, the loss of muscle tone in his body,  and the increasing dip in the hips on our neighborhood walk herald an awareness that time is on the march.  Much like my parents, he doesn’t speak of his aches and pains or of aging.

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February 2020

Sleep brain
What is Stress? We know it affects us all and can sometimes recognize symptoms of Stress when we are busy at work, managing finances or when coping with challenges in a relationship.  Stress is everywhere and it’s a little or a lot and sometimes beneficial, but Stress can accumulate and wear you down.  It can make you feel mentally and physically sick and have a huge impact on your lifespan.
 It can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of Stress.  For one thing, most of us are so used to being stressed we don’t see it until we hit the breaking point.  Stress is what we call Flight or Fight and is a natural defense. So, if Stress is the body’s reaction to harmful situations – mental, physical or environmental, then increased heart rate, sweat, faster breathing, tightening of muscles and rising blood pressure are the body’s attempts to protect itself.  These are chemical reactions that flush the body with hormones (think Cortisol) that allow the body to act/react in a way that prevents injury.  If the body has not effectively cleared its responses to Stress, a build-up occurs and triggers to react occur more frequently.  Even simple environmental factors can trigger strong reactions in a stressed system.  Examples include noises, aggressive behavior, a speeding car, scary moments in a movie or meeting new people. The stress response is unique to each individual.  No one reacts to all the same kinds of stressors and for many, Anxiety and Depression accompany their chronic Stress.

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January 2020





Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. – Thích Nhất Hạnh

We focus on the breath in Body Talk balances and here is some information on why we take exaggerated breaths during our session.  Every session uses the same basic techniques to facilitate healing: specific hand positions, light tapping, and exaggerated breath.  The effectiveness of a Body Talk session is due in part to the use of exaggerated breath.  The focus in every Body Talk session is to highlight areas in your body where communication can be improved, finding out the story behind why the imbalance occurred, then balancing and synchronizing the systems of our body around that story to improve functioning on all levels.

When we take deep breaths in and out during the tapping process it ensures that the brain gets fully in touch with the imbalance being highlighted and makes the suggested correction. 

Breathing Affects the Flow of Energy:  The breath affects subtle movement in the connective tissue which aids the movement of blood, lymph, and fluids throughout the entire body, especially in the spine, where the cerebrospinal fluid circulates the nutrients and chemicals filtered from the blood and removes waste products from the brain.  This improves the brain’s ability to perform an important function of receiving and interpreting messages sent from the body, often referred to as the brain’s ability to scan the body.

December 2019

George Burns once said, “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family… in another city.”
I just opened a lot more clinic hours throughout December. The year-end holidays are a time where people frequently deal with extra stress, put lots of extra pressure on themselves, face financial issues or issues related to their families. People also start preparing for the new year by telling themselves they are going to start making big changes in their life. I have found that this is a very important time of year for people to receive BodyTalk treatments because it’s a time where we all reflect or we want to be able to enjoy ourselves with the people we care about. This means that physical illness, disease, or a new diagnosis or symptom takes on extra gravity. It’s also a time of year where depression can get more extreme. 
For most of us, the suffering we experience is a result of either an attachment or an aversion.  Attached to shopping, creating a picture-perfect home and an idealized vision of celebrations, we may overeat, make many purchases, or take on a lot of activities during the holidays.  We may likewise, dread the sugar hangovers, the blown budget and socializing with the extended group of family or friends. Obligations rule the day.  A balance session now can both reduce the stress carried in the body and mind and restore healthy energetic communication between yourself and family and friends.