Reiki Corps of SD features Balanced Hours in latest newsletter

The primary objective of the San Diego Reiki Corps is to create a Reiki community in which its members can join together to educate, support, and share experiences among members and with others in the ways of self mastery through the practice of Reiki. The secondary objective is to work toward individual and collective growth to benefit all members, all clients, and all who come to share their healing journey and Reiki.

What is Reiki? It is said that any ailment in the physical body starts in the energy field. Reiki is an Eastern medicine (Japanese) technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes healing in the energetic, mental and physical body. We all have an energy field that extends about two feet outside of the body. As we encounter stressful situations in life and work, major life changes and relationship troubles with others, the energy field can become “stuck” from its natural flow. The result can be illness, anxiety, and a feeling of being weighed down. Reiki, like Body Talk is incredibly useful in dealing with the slowing or stoppage of our natural energy flow.

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